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Our Proud Partner Brands

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How do our Partners work with us?

We’re one big, happy, modern family!
Our Partners have said YES to making their products available to you within the Unwritten App, so you can:

Buy wholesale
to stock for retail

Have them shipped
directly to your customer*

Purchase for back basin /
in-salon use

*Applicable at the discretion of the individual brand. Specific details will be available when the Unwritten App officially launches Mar/Apr 2023.

More brands coming soon!

Be first in line when they arrive.

Why do we invite other brands to join us?

Unwritten exists to make YOUR life easier and YOUR business a success. That means giving you the means to customise how you work and what you offer your clients, while being able to do all your admin – including product orders – in one place.

We’re good mates with our Partner brands, and we believe their values align with ours, so we’re proud to make their products available to you alongside Unwritten’s own professional haircare.

We’re always looking for new lovers…

err… partners!

Own a brand that you think would be a great fit for the Unwritten ecosystem? We’d love to hear from you! Hit the button below to send us your details and our team will get in touch with you directly.

I’m soooooo excited that someone is thinking about the sole traders in our amazing industry and looking to bring them tools to grow their businesses!
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Paula Hibbard


The products I use aren’t isn’t listed as a Partner, can I still use and sell them via Unwritten?
You can for sure! You’ll need to continue ordering through your supplier as you normally would (outside the Unwritten App) for back basin/in-salon use or retail.

For retail products, you can add these product images, descriptions and prices to your Unwritten online shop ready for sale, but it is your responsibility to deliver that product to your customer (either when they checkout in person, or via post/courier directly to their address).

How are Partner brands different from products I upload to my Unwritten online shop?
Our Partner brands have made their products available inside the Unwritten App, which means you don’t have to leave the App to place an order through their individual system.
Can I place an order for different products from different Partner brands all in the one transaction?
Absolutely. Browse, add to cart at will, then check them all out at the same time, in one transaction.

We want to get as many Partner brands on board as possible so that one day, you can do ALL your ordering at once without having to navigate a dozen different supplier systems. Ain’t that the dream!

Can my customers order products directly from Partner brands through Unwritten?
This will be revealed when we launch the App in Mar/Apr 2023. Join the waitlist here to be first in line to check it out!
How do you choose your Partner brands?
We look for brand values that align with our own – companies that respect the professional market, are sustainably-minded, socially-responsible and are building communities and supply systems that acknowledge the operational needs of the Indie hairdresser.
I own a product company, how do I become an Unwritten Partner?
We’re so glad you asked! Leave your details here and one of our team will get in touch with you directly.