Foil Me

Adelaide-based Foil Me is synonymous with creation, innovation, appreciation and integration.

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The Original
The Original
The Original (sample)
The Original (sample)
The Wide Foil
Frizzy Logic Serum
The Extra Wide Foil
The Extra Wide Foil

Why get Foil Me?

Foil Me was curated from the desire to help colourists have an easier, more enjoyable experience in the salon. Foil Me is a brand synonymous with creation, innovation, appreciation and integration. Each foil collection is unique and varies in size, thickness, colour, style and graphic designs.

A Commitment to Care and Sustainability

Foil Me’s conscientious ethos resonates through its dedication to a sustainable planet. Their foil collections boast a blend of recycled aluminium, ensuring 100% recyclability. Vegan brushes crafted from repurposable PP plastic and locally formulated skincare cream from ‘Derma Magic’ reinforce their eco-friendly stance. Packaging is meticulously selected for recyclability. Moreover, Foil Me empowers their community by engaging in fundraising and awareness initiatives, bolstering a shared commitment to diverse causes.

Engaging and Connecting Through Socialisation

The essence of Foil Me is epitomised through their engagement with ‘Foil Me Movers,’ the driving force behind their evolution. The company actively encourages feedback and inquiries, fostering open dialogues. Rapid responses, along with prompt dispatches for orders, underscore their customer-centric approach. Connecting via Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok enhances the sense of community, while showcasing the artistry of ‘Foil Me Movers.’

Celebrating Recognition and Cultural Respect

Foil Me’s ascent to prominence within diverse industries stands as a testament to its unwavering dedication. The company pays sincere homage to the Kaurna people, acknowledging their custodianship over the Adelaide region’s lands and waters. This heartfelt recognition embraces the cultural, spiritual, and emotional connections of the Kaurna people with their heritage, emphasising the timeless Aboriginal sovereignty over the land.