The Revolutionary Biomimetic Haircare Solution Empowering Hairdressers to Heal Hair

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K18 Chelator
K18 Detox Shampoo
Detox Shampoo
K18 Leave In Molecular Repair Mask
Leave In Molecular Repair Mask
K18 Leave In Molecular Repair Mask - 5ml
Leave In Molecular Repair Mask – 5ml
K18 Molecular Repair Mask
Molecular Repair Mask
K18 Molecular Repair Mist
Molecular Repair Mist
K18 pH Shampoo
pH Shampoo

Why get K18?

The Discovery of K18Peptide™

K18 is a revolutionary haircare product that has emerged as a breakthrough in the field of biosciences. It offers great potential for independent hairdressers, who can now access cutting-edge technology to address hair damage caused by various chemical processes. After an extensive decade-long research involving the scanning and analysis of 1,242 decapeptides covering the entire genome of human keratin proteins, K18Peptide™ was patented. This unique sequence holds the key to rejuvenating hair damaged by chemical treatments and thermal or mechanical styling, restoring it to its original, youthful state.

K18’s Unique Healing Power

Independent hairdressers can benefit greatly from incorporating K18 into their services. Unlike traditional haircare products, it utilises biomimetics to reconnect keratin chains that are broken by processes like bleach, colour, and chemical treatments, resulting in hair that feels soft, smooth, and strong with added bounce. The more damaged the hair, the more dramatic and long-lasting the results are, providing a compelling solution for clients seeking effective hair repair.

What sets K18 apart is its potential to revolutionize the way hairdressers approach hair restoration. Unlike typical conditioning treatments that merely conceal damage by coating the hair with superficial hydration, and repair treatments that only patch the damage temporarily like internal glue, K18 stands apart by actually healing the hair from the inside out.

The Benefits of Using K18

With K18’s ability to heal hair in just four minutes, independent hairdressers can offer efficient and time-saving solutions to their clients. The product’s cutting-edge technology and scientific research back its claims, making it the first of its kind to truly transform damaged hair from the inside out. By utilising biomimetic hair science, K18 sets a new standard in the haircare industry and opens up new possibilities for independent hairdressers to provide exceptional and innovative services.

Whether the damage is from bleach, colour, or other chemical services, hairdressers now have a powerful tool in their hands. It offers lasting results and a revitalized, youthful look for the hair, enhancing the reputation and satisfaction of their clients. K18 empowers independent hairdressers to offer premium treatments that effectively repair and restore hair to its full potential, leading to happier clients and increased business success.