How the Unwritten App will grow your Indie business in 2024

Feb 7, 2024 | Indie Insights


The Unwritten App is ready and waiting to be your personal assistant, receptionist, marketer, stock manager, and bookkeeper… all in one place.

Without leaving the Unwritten App, you can:
✔️ Take bookings
✔️ Manage client appointments and history on the go
✔️ Send automated SMS reminders
✔️ Take payment for products and services
✔️ Track your cashflow, sales and commissions in real-time
✔️ Sell retail to your clients remotely without holding stock
✔️ Remotely retail to ANYONE by sharing a shopping link on your social media

And the big one…

⭐️ Order products wholesale for retail and back basin from a range of leading pro brands (+ Unwritten, obviously) – NO MINIMUM SPEND

image of app screens of Unwritten FREE hairdresser Business Management App with product ordering

Yep, we’ve changed wholesale for the better. It’s no secret that the traditional wholesale model doesn’t work for sole traders… that’s why we created the Unwritten App –  to give you brand choice, no minimum order restraints, and competitive pricing. 

Did we mention we’re not a faceless tech brand? We’re Sydney locals who know the industry inside-out, did our research and created the Unwritten App to actually fit the needs of a sole trader, and we make ourselves available to help you get the best from it because we genuinely want to see your business grow.

The Unwritten App is simple, friendly and professional and the set-up process is easy, breezy, so you can be up and running in less than an hour!

So don’t think about what an easier admin life might be like… live it!

Keen to find out more? Read up on all the features here then download the App via the App Store or Google Play… we’ll be ready on the other side to share all the nitty-gritty details.