PODCAST: The Australian Hairdressing council & the Unwritten app for solo operator hairdressers

Oct 2, 2023 | Indie Insights

If you’re a solo operator hairdresser or barber, we get it – you’re busy, right? Well if you can spare a few minutes to listen to this podcast, it just might make your professional life a lot easier and buy you back some valuable time in your schedule. Because today we’re talking about a special app that was created just for independent solo operators – freelancers, mobile hairdressers, rent-a-chairs – basically any stylists who don’t have staff. 🥳

@Unwritten Indie is the only free app in the world built specifically for solo operator hairdressers ( or Indies as Unwritten calls them), so you can say goodbye to complex and expensive software for good. It’s packed with all the necessary features to run and grow a successful Indie hairdresser business. Today we are chatting to co-founder Rob Aubin and independent stylist/educator and Unwritten fan Katy Reeve, who give us the lowdown on all things Unwritten, and how it can make life easier for solo operators. 👏

Just some of Unwritten’s benefits include: 👇

🌟 Time-saving: With Unwritten, you can manage your appointments and communicate with clients easily, saving you time and allowing you to focus on providing great service.
🌟 Increased visibility: The app allows you to customise your profile and services, so clients can see what you offer and make informed decisions about their appointment. This feature helps you to stand out from other hairdressers and attract more clients.
🌟 Secure payment: The app’s payment system is secure and easy to use, allowing you to receive payment directly from clients.
🌟 Simplified scheduling: The app’s online booking system allows clients to book appointments with you directly, based on your availability. This means that you don’t have to worry about answering the phone or responding to messages while you’re with a client or during your time off.
🌟 Improved customer service: With the app’s communication features, you can send reminders and notifications to clients, helping to improve customer service and reduce no-shows.
🌟 Order stock without having to hold it: Choose from Unwritten products or a host of other brands. Products are delivered straight to your clients.
🌟 Earn commissions from every Unwritten product you sell in its unique loyalty program.

If you’d like to learn more about Unwritten, visit this link: https://pro.unwritten.hair/

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