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It’s time to lose the unnecessary, expensive salon software and leverage Unwritten to increase your sales.

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Import your contacts

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Order Wholesale Stock

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Take a booking

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Checkout your client

with your in-stock products and services, and any drop-shipped Haircare, in one bill!

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Your client pays

on their phone or cash, or both

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Haircare Products are Delivered

direct to your customer, so you don’t have to hold stock

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You’re paid directly

for your products and services

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You receive commissions

On your drop-ship sales every week

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How much does the App cost?
This is awkward. Kidding! The App is 100% FREE to download and use. Why? Because we’re business people too, and we know that ‘another damn subscription’ is a giant pain in the behind, so we decided to do things differently. It’s the Unwritten Haircare that helps us and you generate income, not the tech.

The only financial outlay for you will be if you opt for SMS appointment reminders for 9c each, and standard transaction fees charged at 1.75% + 30c per transaction as set down by Stripe (our chosen payment gateway).

What payment process do you use?
We use Stripe as our payment gateway in the App. It allows you to accept payments using credit card, ApplePay and Google Pay in person and remotely, and means you can take split payments, apply discounts and send refunds.

Stripe’s standard transaction fees are charged at 1.75% + 30c per transaction. Find out more about Stripe here.

If you like to kick-it old school, the App also enables you to take cash and direct bank transfers as payment types for your services and products.

Can I import my existing client data? Is the process complicated?
Hell yeah! And hell no! Our whole schtick is to make this less work for you, not more. The App has a simple contact import function – you tap the button and it will import the contacts from your phone.

To import contacts from another salon software platform, the Unwritten support team will provide the IT wizardry. You’ll find more detailed information on this process in the App when it arrives… make sure you join the waitlist to get your hands on it!

What if I do more than one thing as an Indie, can I choose more than one Business Type for my profile?
We know Indies are multi-talented and often need to have a few different income streams on the go at any one time, so being a mobile hairdresser AND renting a chair AND doing a photo shoot here and there could very well be a normal week for you!

However, for the purpose of your profile – and to keep things simple – we ask you to choose your most dominant business type please.

Is there a desktop version?
There is not. Our research told us that most of you do business on your phone, on the go, rather than in front of a computer screen. Building an App also meant that we could make sure it stayed super simple (that was also important according to our research) and easy to navigate without getting lost down a tonne of digital rabbit holes.
Is it available for iPad?
At the moment, no. Depending on your feedback and our ongoing research, we may consider introducing this in the future. But for now, the App is designed to fit in the palm of your hand.
Can I sell products online to people who aren’t my clients, like my social media followers?
Please do! That’s exactly what Unwritten was designed for (well, that and a bunch of other amazing things). When you download the App and sign up as an Unwritten Indie, you’ll receive a unique URL that goes straight to your online shop… all you need to do is share that link far and wide, and whoever purchases Unwritten products through that unique URL will earn you some neat commissions at the end of every week.
How does the commission work?

Everytime a customer purchases Unwritten Professional Haircare from you in person or online, you’ll reap the benefits in commission. What does this look like? Well, the specifics are kept in the App for Unwritten Indies’ eyes only, but we can tell you that you can earn between 30% and 100% mark-up depending on whether you decide to stock the products IRL or have them delivered by us directly to your customer.

Plus, you can also earn rebates on product purchases/sales that will be returned to you in vouchers to spend in the wholesale shop. For real though, we’re not kidding when we say there’s money to be made here! Get your tapping finger on this right here and join the community!

Btw – your phone will be buzzing every time you make a sale! Yep, you’ll be able to track your commission in real time via your dashboard in the App, and the best bit is, we pay it to you weekly, so you’ll always have funds for Friday Happy Hour. Cheers to that!

How does Unwritten guarantee that I’ll get paid each time my customer purchases?
The tech is SO super nerdy, that when someone purchases directly from you or your unique link once, the system automatically recognises them as your customer when they log in to the Unwritten online shop to buy again. They don’t even need to use your unique link! And to encourage them to log in for every future purchase instead of checking out as a guest, we’ll give them a discount on their products when they do.
How do I get started?
It’s super easy. Join the waitlist here first and we’ll let you know when the App is ready for download. When you get the message, just follow the prompts to get set up… it’ll take you less than 15 minutes, seriously!
Do I have to pay for shipping?

You cover shipping on wholesale and back basin orders, your customers cover the shipping for orders sent directly to their home.

And, it’s free shipping for drop-shipped orders over $99.

Is there free shipping over a certain spend?

There sure is… free shipping kicks in on orders over $99.

Can I generate reports to help with my bookkeeping or to send to my accountant?
Unwritten was created in the name of simplicity… everything you need, nothing you don’t, because we believe you don’t need to run dozens of reports to run a successful sole trader business.

Inside the Unwritten App, you can view your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly sales, as well as your commissions from product sales.

We’ve also included a scheduled KPI report to arrive to your email every week that shows your top metrics across products, services and customers, all in one sheet.

You’ll also receive a monthly transactions report in your inbox to send to your accountant that shows any GST income and expenses that have been recorded through the App.

Finally, the App sends you an email with a daily appointment overview report so you can see who’s coming to visit you for what service.

Oh, and let’s not forget the back-ups… just in case disaster strikes (like you lose your phone).