Get set up on the Unwritten App in under 45 mins

Feb 9, 2024 | Save Time

WATCH VIDEO 1Min 30 Seconds

Changing software providers is up there with changing your address… it feels like the domino effect is never-ending! Not here. The Unwritten App was designed specifically to save you time, and that means keeping it simple right from the get-go.

Press play above to hear our Customer Success Manager, Marmi, explain exactly what onboarding with Unwritten involves, and why you only need 45 minutes to be up and running.

image of app screens of Unwritten FREE Indie hairdresser Business Management App

Keen to find out more? Read up on all the features here then download the App via the App Store or Google Play… we’ll be ready on the other side to share all the nitty-gritty details.

Marmi Poland is a former hairdresser and Unwritten’s Customer Success Manager. Having spent the last 14 years as a Business Development Manager in the industry, Marmi has successfully used her hairdressing skills and acquired business acumen to support all kinds of salon businesses from freelancers to large salon teams.