High performance haircare meets flexibility

Buy wholesale to stock for retail, or sell digitally & we’ll ship it to your client’s door.

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Aussie-made in collaboration with hairdressers

Available only via Unwritten and created specifically to help indies increase revenue, product performance is, and always will be, our number one priority.

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Designed for Aussie hair

Sustainably- and purposefully made to remedy the impact of our harsh Aussie environment on hair, and maintain its health, strength and shine.

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Retail your way

Sell digitally to your clients (or to everyone on your social media!) and we’ll ship directly to their door, or order wholesale to sell in person.

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Get paid commission weekly!

Retail digitally and we’ll pay commission on every Unwritten product sold – weekly. Because we know cashflow is everything.

Local & Sustainable

Carbon Neutral

No nasties
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Vegan and cruelty-free
Sustainably-sourced and packaged

1 Unwritten product sold = 1 baby coral born

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Aussie made

1 Unwritten product sold = 1 baby coral born

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Vegan and cruelty-free
No nasties
Sustainably-sourced and packaged

Carbon Neutral

australian made logo for the best free app for independent hairdressers
Aussie made
Range of products for independent hairdressers

As soon as I was introduced to Unwritten, I could instantly feel how genuine this brand is. Unwritten not only takes care of its customers by providing beautiful results, it constantly gives back to hairdressers, customers and the Earth.

portrait of Teyana Popik

Teyanah Popik


FAB new product brand, looks great, smells even better. I love they are supporting the freelance hairdressers.

Remington Schulz independant hairdresser

Remington Schulz


Unwritten is offering an awesome way of retailing a great product (that works) and making it easily accessible for sole trader and client, too. I’m excited!

portrait of Paula Hibbard

Paula Hibbard


I’m a hairstylist based in Sydney. Have been using the range for a while now. Amazing! Definitely a must have in your hair closet!

Justin Calverley hairdresser

Justin Calverley

That’s not all, folks!

Our free app gives you more

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Retail smarter, not harder

Embrace the power of your social media influence; sell products from 10+ leading professional brands to anyone, anywhere, anytime just by sharing a link from the app. No need to stock products, Unwritten ships it straight to your buyer’s door.

image of app screens of Unwritten FREE hairdresser Business Management App with product ordering

Wholesale, but make it flexible.

Order and sell from 10+ leading professional brands, no minimum order and competitive pricing… all in one transaction, with one shipping fee, delivered to your door.

image of app screens of Unwritten FREE hairdresser Business Management App with product ordering
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Make a fresh start.
No subscriptions, no hidden fees.

The only software designed to make you money, not take your money. We understand Indie hairdressers; we don’t hold you to a contract, there are no subscription fees and you won’t pay for features*.

*Click here for credit card processing fees and SMS reminder (optional) fees.

Tested and approved by indies

Unwritten is the best free app for independent hairdressers, and they’re the ones saying so!

Stuart Garvey NSW hairdresser

icon of five star review of the best free app for independent hairdressers

Absolute game changer!

The transition over to Unwritten has been so seamless and the free app is so easy to navigate. They seem to really understand what we as independent hairdressers truly need to run our business. I especially love the weekly reports emailed through, saves so much admin time!! Once the online booking goes live in a couple of weeks it’s going to be the app of all apps!

– Stewart Garvey, NSW – Session Stylist & Rent A Chair Freelancer

Teyanah Popik, QLD hairdresser

icon of five star review of the best free app for independent hairdressers

The best choice I’ve made joining unwritten!

Unwritten has made running my business so much easier and efficient with the unwritten app. It has allowed me to be organised, keep clients happy getting there products to them on time, connect with like minded Indy hairdressers and enhance my brand professionally. Running a home salon, working on photoshoots/weddings/freelancing can become stressful but unwritten has made this all do able with their easy to use booking system and ordering stock for clients while I’m on the road.

– Teyanah Popik, QLD – Home Salon

Paula Hibbard, NSW hairdresser

icon of five star review of the best free app for independent hairdressers

Finally an app that is made for me…

Finally an app that is made for me the individual hairstylist!
I can adapt to suit my needs, it reminds my clients and keeps records and sends out product.
What more does an indie need!

– Paula Hibbard, NSW – Mobile Bridal Hairdresser

Tayla Bourke, VIC hairdresser

icon of five star review of the best free app for independent hairdressers

The App is incredible!

Everything I need as an independent hairdresser under the one app! You don’t need anything else!

– Tayla Bourke, VIC – Mobile & Rent A Chair Freelancer

Your questions, answered

What makes the products Australian?

They’ve been formulated by Aussie chemists, in a lab situated in Australia, using some key, sustainable Australian ingredients.

The bottles – although manufactured overseas (from recycled plastic) – were designed in Australia, and filled in Australia with our Australian-made formulas.

Phew! Hopefully you get the picture. Bottom line is, we made it our mission to sniff out the best talent in this incredible country of ours and make sure Unwritten is as true to local as possible. And let’s be honest – only when you live here can you truly understand how these harsh conditions make the hair struggle real.

What are the active ingredients?

We’re so glad you asked! We love to nerd out on the science stuff because we spent a butt-tonne of time sourcing the latest technology and ingredients to make Unwritten Professional Haircare products do exactly what they say on the bottle.

High potency active ingredients include Hyaluronic Acid, Phytokeratin, Ceramide, Collagen, Vitamin C and Niacinamide to rebuild and add shine, while low-molecular weight actives repair the hair and defend it from further damage.

We’re proud to say our products are 100% backed by research and specifically-formulated by Aussie chemists who know (all too well!) the challenges of the Aussie climate.

Are your claims about sustainability verified?

Abso-bloody-lutely! This is SUPER important to our mission. We know our industry has a history of ‘green-washing’, so we put our operations under the microscope with a couple of major organisations to make sure that what we’re building is as gentle as can be for us humans, our furry friends and Mother Earth.

How can I find out what hair types the products are suited to?

Right now, we’re working on a super rad awesome hero website for Unwritten Professional Haircare. As soon as it’s live, we’ll have a tonne of educational videos and product features that will give you the lowdown on each formula and where its most magical powers lie.

How does the commission work?

Everytime a customer purchases Unwritten Professional Haircare from you in person or online, you’ll reap the benefits in commission. What does this look like? Well, the specifics are kept in the App for Unwritten Indies’ eyes only, but we can tell you that you can earn between 30% and 100% mark-up depending on whether you decide to stock the products IRL or have them delivered by us directly to your customer.

Plus, you can also earn rebates on product purchases/sales that will be returned to you in vouchers to spend in the wholesale shop. For real though, we’re not kidding when we say there’s money to be made here! Get your tapping finger on this right here and join the waitlist so you’re in on it from the get-go!

Btw – your phone will be buzzing every time you make a sale! Yep, you’ll be able to track your commission in real time via your dashboard in the App, and the best bit is, we pay it to you weekly, so you’ll always have funds for Friday Happy Hour. Cheers to that!

Will you be releasing more products?

For sure! We’re onto such a good thing here, we think it’d be rude to deprive the people of planet Earth of more of this really good stuff for hair.

We’re lovers of innovation and we’re now addicted to making great products that take advantage of the best technology out there! Not to mention, we also love to prove that sustainable, natural ingredients can out-perform all that nasty sh*t going around.

So, you’ll often find us huddled in a dark room, think-tanking the next winning formula. Stay tuned by joining the waitlist here, and get in touch here if you have a dream product you’d like us to create!

Have another question? Chat with us