About Us

Two guys determined to help indies succeed.

They’re just two Aussie business dudes with one bloody great idea, an idea that would empower a growing legion of unsung heroes, embrace the exiled, muscle up the underdogs… champion the Indies!

You might know Rob Aubin from that time he headed up the USA office of Shortcuts Software, the platform his family business established along with the original developer founders in the early 90s in Australia. Or that other time he returned to his Sydney roots as Managing Director of his family’s professional haircare distribution company (that successfully brought Pivot Point, Matrix, La Biosthetique and Great Lengths the Aussie shores)? Well, that was those 20 years, Unwritten is the now, and as you can see, Rob’s both a haircare aficionado and software geek (he’s not even trying to deny it anymore).

Hayden Brooks is a bona fide builder and has worked with tradies for more than two decades! He’s done loads of smart business things with a bunch of other businesses too, working in finance, property and construction – safe to say, not only does he KNOW business, but he’s an expert problem solver as well. Now, he’s flexing his entrepreneurial muscles with Unwritten to help solve a tonne of challenges for the Indie hairdresser.

Why are they both doing this?

We’ll let them answer that…

“We noticed the huge growth of the indie community, but the lack of recognition as serious business professionals.

We saw so many challenges for hairdressing sole traders – holding stock, building wealth, managing admin, marketing effectively – but no solutions.


We’re all about local and feel strongly about supporting local businesses to thrive.

We love Australia and all its smarts and quirks, so we wanted to bring that to life in a brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously.


We wanted to build a company that has tangible social and environmental impact around things we love, like small business and the ocean (keen divers right here!).

Our brains were ready to contribute to something new, challenging, innovative and helpful!


We’ve been mates for years and have watched each other’s industries evolve and innovate, and we realised it was time to join forces for something bigger.

Above all, we’re grateful that we’ve both enjoyed successful businesses and we’re mad keen to help others experience the same.